Our Process

Step 1 – Meeting

We believe that the best way of ensuring your school gets the best possible art workshop is to have a chat with you, either over the phone or we can, in most cases come to your school for a meeting. Here we talk about want you want your finished display to achieve and how we make that happen.Next step »

More about our processStep 2 – Design

Step 2 – Design

We go away and produce a design based on your pupils own work. Most schools will set an art competition or task related to what you want to be in your display. We are very flexible and often do several drafts of the design until you’re completely happy with it.Next step »

More about our processStep 3 – Workshop

Step 3 – Workshops

We will bring in all the materials and equipment needed for the workshop. All we require is a timetable to work from that suits you (usually groups of around 6 pupils for 20 minutes each), space to work in and a school of willing helpers. We bring in the design and then our artist works with your pupils to help produce stunning new displays.

Case StudiesSee some examples